Children's Ministries and Activities

Kids of God's World

The first three Sundays of each month find an interesting group of young people and willing adults meeting during the church service hour to learn more about God's word.  Discussion, crafts, activities, games, food, outdoor jaunts, and any other ideas that come to mind assist the group in their journey through the Bible to learn more about being a Christian, living so that others will know we are Christians and sharing the message with those around us through word and deed.  One of the first things that was undertaken at the inception of this program was finding a name for the group.  The young people were asked for suggestions, and "Kids of God's World" was chosen as the designation for the group.  While the adults are there to assist with the learning process, the young people are like sponges, ready and willing to absorb what is presented to them.  Their thinking is much more sophisticated than some would think, and their ideas, comments, and questions are often mind-boggling.  We enjoy our time with this group, which could only be made better by having more children with which to share.  Please join us for Kids of God's World!

Vacation Bible School


Bath Christian Church hosted its annual VBS July 17-20. The theme was Weird Animals. Each evening began with a delicious meal and introduction about the night’s activities and study. The children learned that Jesus Loves them no matter what; whether they are afraid, different, do wrong or feel left out. Our crews helped demonstrate that Jesus loves them all the time through a short lesson, music, crafts and inspirational videos.

The children performed 4 songs that they had learned for the congregation the Sunday following the end of VBS.